Dr. Betty Moseley Brown

Dr. Betty Moseley Brown’s book, Leadership Lessons: Personal Reflections from a Woman Marine is a resource for leaders looking to improve engagements with their team or individuals needing a roadmap introspectively to make personal enhancements. The use of leadership strategies and fun personal tales, Dr. Betty Moseley Brown shares from her days growing up with a military Mother, how music served as a metaphor as leadership lessons were learned and as an active duty U. S. Marine where she lived the lessons.

Leadership Lessons: Personal Reflections from a Woman Marine

“Dr. Moseley Brown sprinkles her intellect, guidance and humor for a life-changing reading  experience. ”  ~ Vernice Armour
The First African American Female Naval Aviator in the Marine Corps and the First African American Female Combat Pilot in the U. S. Armed Forces

Personal Transformation

Intentional pursuit of excellence starts with personal transformation. Signature keynotes and consulting programs help individuals and organizations by assisting them in learning how to cultivate a growth-oriented mindset and develop resilience to overcome challenges to achieve higher levels of success.

Dr. Betty Moseley Brown works with organizations through her signature keynotes and corporate training programs; and individuals through her group coaching and 1:1 coaching programs. Contact us to learn more.


Dr. Betty Moseley Brown designs and delivers customized signature keynotes in areas of leadership, teamwork, personal effectiveness, and personal power. Her keynote programs help participants:

Learn how to adapt to the changing environment.

Strive to be humble, tenacious, curious, and compassionate.

Become inspired to live a life of no regrets and work to release your potential.

Live your life's highest core values and lead with integrity.

“Your keynotes are very inspirational…. The messages are very much a daily devotional on words to live by.”  ~ Gregorio Kishketon, Retired Marine

Dr. Betty Moseley Brown

Hi! I’m Dr. Betty Moseley Brown

Inspirational Speaker. Author. Trainer.

Dr. Betty Moseley Brown inspires excellence through her signature keynotes, organization training, and individual coaching programs.

“Dr. Betty, your energy is mesmerizing and happy! I can’t stop smiling!” ~ Shanna LeBlanc

Give Back

A percentage of the proceeds of the book go to support the Military Women’s Memorial.

The Military Women’s Memorial honors and tells the stories of women, past and present, who serve our nation and are the leading memorial and education center honoring women’s contributions to the service of our nation.

Military Women's Memorial

“Life puts us in a constant balancing act between influencing others and being influenced by others.” ~ Dr. Betty Moseley Brown