About Dr. Betty Moseley Brown

A True Passion For Veterans

In May 2018, Dr. Betty Moseley Brown joined the Veterans Experience Office (VEO) at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) whose mission is to enable VA to be the leading customer service organization in government. Dr. Moseley Brown is currently the Designated Federal Officer for the Veterans’ Family, Caregiver and Survivor Federal Advisory Committee. Prior to this position, she was the Associate Director, Center for Women Veterans since November 2004.
Dr. Moseley Brown’s passion for Veterans began during her United States Marine Corps service from 1978 – 1992. Her VA career, spanning decades, began in the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) in San Diego. She served in various positions, to include a Veterans Benefits Counselor, management analyst in Compensation and Pension Service, and later working for the Associate Deputy Under Secretary for Policy and Program Management in Washington, DC.

“As leaders you have the opportunity to teach and reinforce the characteristic of tenacity to those you lead.” ~ Dr. Betty Moseley Brown

Her Distinguished Awards

Dr. Moseley Brown earned a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Sarasota. She is an avid Toastmaster, achieving the highest level in public speaking of Distinguished Toastmaster. Dr. Moseley Brown is a 2004 Leadership VA (LVA) alumnus and 2009 graduate of the Federal Executive Institute. From September 2012 – September 2018, she served as the 19th National President of the Women Marines Association (a non-profit charitable organization comprised of women who have served or are serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps regular or reserve components).
In September 2016, Dr. Moseley Brown was awarded the Dickey Chapelle Award; honoring the memory of the late Dickey Chapelle, an American foreign correspondent who first covered Marines in combat at the Battle of Iwo Jima and was killed while on patrol with a Marine Corps infantry unit engaged in combat operations against enemy forces during the Vietnam War. The award was established by the Marine Corps League to extend recognition to a woman who has contributed substantially to the morale, welfare and well-being of the officers and men and women of the United States Marine Corps.
Dr. Betty Moseley Brown

“True leadership is guiding others to help them discover their true gifts to the world, and then be able to help them use those gifts in your team, in your organization, in the world.” ~ Dr. Betty Moseley Brown