We really need resilience like never before.

Sometimes in the midst of the darkness it may be hard to remember that JOY can come through the despair. It is attitude and resilience that dictates the way. It is recognizing and believing that dawn is right beyond the darkest hour.

There is always a way out of “no” way, even when one is too blind to see this. The only constant in life is change. Those incidents require course corrections. I have learned when something happens that needs such a course correction…it is time to shift. Don’t pretend it didn’t happen, don’t get mad…shift.

Growing up, my family never owned a car. Yes, we walked everywhere to church, to the laundry, to school and back…I’m really dating myself.

When I was in high school and began taking driver’s education, you can imagine my excitement to finally get my driver’s license. I mastered the classes, I even passed the test for my permit, but without the ability to have hands-on practice to drive and park a car, I couldn’t pass the driving test. My family may say I failed the driver’s test many, MANY, many times…(and I would agree with them).

During my high school years, I never was able to get my driver’s license. It took years of one-on-one lessons from professionals (and wearing my Marine Corps uniform) that finally I passed and earned my license.

We become resilient by practicing, testing, failing (or winning) and moving on. Kira Newman a writer for the Greater Good Magazine wrote 1) Change the narrative…I believe writing or journaling can help us change the narrative we keep telling ourselves…be willing to change the script. Don’t believe what you’ve been telling yourself…next she said…face your fears…in my example, not only did I face my driving fear by getting professional support, I also faced my fear of failure by showing up one more time..,ready for success. And, thirdly, Kira states, Practice self-compassion…I say give yourself a break and find your moment to be still to make the course corrections.

Elizabeth Edwards stated, “She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” Is it time for you to make a course correction, to adjust your sails, to find resilience? Let me help you. Until we meet again…