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Leadership Lessons

This book is a resource for leaders looking to improve engagements with their team or individuals needing a roadmap introspectively to make personal enhancements. The use of leadership strategies and fun personal tales, Dr. Betty Moseley Brown shares from her days growing up with a military Mother, how music served as a metaphor as leadership lessons were learned and as an active duty U. S. Marine where she lived the lessons.


Leadership Lessons: Personal Reflections from a Woman Marine

“This book reminds me of the leadership lessons (intended and unintended) we learn while in uniform and sometimes before! Dr. Moseley Brown sprinkles her intellect, guidance and humor for a life-changing reading experience. Don’t just change your life, get one for a friend!” ~ Vernice Armour,
The First African American Female Naval Aviator in the Marine Corps and the First African American Female Combat Pilot in the U. S. Armed Forces

Dr. Betty Moseley Brown’s Credentials

Dr. Moseley Brown is a keynote speaker and corporate trainer. She speaks virtually and in person. Dr. Moseley Brown is a member of the National Speaker Association (NSA). She is also personally certified by both Sam Horn in Tongue Fu!® in the art of how to deflect, disarm, and diffuse any verbal conflict and by John Maxwell as a coach and trainer on his trademarked leadership material. 

Dr. Moseley Brown earned a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Sarasota. As an avid Toastmaster, she achieved the highest level in public speaking of Distinguished Toastmaster. She is a 2009 graduate of the Federal Executive Institute and served as the National President of the Women Marines Association from 2012-2018.

dr. betty brown


Complaining stagnates growth and doesn’t change an outcome. Acknowledgement, acceptance, and adaptation breathe life lessons into an experience.” ~ Dr. Betty Moseley Brown