How is your Attitude these days? Have you ever been told you need an attitude adjustment? Have you ever been judged on your attitude and you didn’t speak a word? Let me help you…

Webster dictionary defines attitude as:
• The position or posture assumed by the body in connection with an action, feeling, mood, etc.
• A manner of acting, feeling or thinking that shows one’s disposition, opinion, mental set, etc.

How many times have we heard, “she has an attitude” or “he walks with attitude”.

Attitude is not only what we see or gather from the external view but is also that internal feeling or thinking that comes out.
Attitude can be positive or negative (often somewhere in between).
Often, we judge other’s attitudes without ever asking them how they are doing.

So, I’m asking you…how are you doing? How is your attitude?

If you are ready to improve your attitude, how about a walk outside (feel the breeze on your face), or find your favorite playlist (maybe Stevie Wonder or Stevie Nicks), or do something good for someone else (open the door for a stranger or send a hand-written note to someone you haven’t talked with for a while).

These days…We wear masks that hide our smiles, but our attitude still can come thru to others.

I’m learning the art of “smiling with my eyes”…so while others may not see our smiles, they’ll feel our smiles, as William Shakespeare said “the eyes are the window to your soul”.

As we celebrate this season, I pray for your safety and well being. Remember to spread a positive attitude (even when you may be going thru tough times).

Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl wrote: “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Visit with me next Sunday when I’ll be sharing more about Attitudes. I’ll meet you where you are…until then.