Thank you for joining in “with intention”. Today as we map out how to be intentional, I ask you …how are you being nourished? Merriam-Webster defines nourishment – to furnish or sustain with nutriment : to feed. What are you being nourished by?

I found the anonymous quote “Eat what nourishes your body, Do what nourishes your soul, and Think what nourishes your mind.” That is so true…your body, soul and mind needs nourished.

When I was a little girl, I thought we were rich. My family always made sure that we were fed well. I especially loved scrambled eggs and bacon, or pork chops and eggs or French toast. To this day, I find joy intentionally starting my day by nourishing my body.

Because our Mother played the piano for many musical talents, I found my soul being nourished by gospel songs and spoken word. Marching down the aisle with the choir every Sunday to “We are Soldiers in the Army” fed my soul…and as many of you know, I joined the Marine Corps when I turned 18.

When I got a little older, I discovered that we must also nourish our minds. We must intentionally seek out books that feed your mind or those that challenge your thoughts or calm your soul. Yesterday, my latest book arrived. The name caught me by surprise and I needed to know more. The title is “Tongue Fu: How to Deflect, Disarm and Defuse any Verbal Conflict” by Sam Horn.

Thru insightful research, she has developed a 25 year old system for individuals and companies to use for better communication. How can you not want to read “Tongue Fu! However you nourish your mind, you must set out the road map just like you’d go to the grocery store, select your favorite fruits, vegetables and meat…would you then do all that just to let the food spoil or go bad…no you’d store it and cook it in a timely fashion. Since we do that with our stomachs, why wouldn’t we do that with nourishing our soul or mind.

I hope this has inspired you to intentionally nourish your body, soul and mind with great seeds this week. Share them with me…how are you being nourished? I hope you will join me next week…with intention. Until we meet again.