Dr. Betty Moseley Brown, Author, Speaker, Trainer

Book Dr. Betty Moseley Brown to speak at your next event and learn the tools you need to seize what you want in life. No dream is too small or too big. You will find the knowledge, inspiration, and energy needed to propel to the next level of success.
Her keynote program transforms lives through the intentional pursuit of excellence. After hearing Dr. Betty speak, participants are inspired and motivated to live an intentional life!
Dr. Betty’s keynotes can be tailored to both groups and organizations. Her inspirational style will boost the morale, skills, and capabilities of your teams, members or employees. Her motivational and transformational keynote can be customized to fit your organization or group.
Dr. Moseley Brown Speaking to an Audience

Her Speaker Bio

Dr. Moseley Brown is a keynote speaker and corporate trainer. She speaks virtually and in person.

Dr. Moseley Brown is a current member of the National Speaker Association (NSA). She is also personally certified by Sam Horn in Tongue Fu! ® in the art of how to deflect, disarm, and diffuse any verbal conflict. Additionally, she is certified by John Maxwell as a coach and trainer on his trademarked leadership programs.

Dr. Moseley Brown earned a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Sarasota. As an avid Toastmaster, she achieved the highest level in public speaking of Distinguished Toastmaster.

Dr. Moseley Brown is a career employee with the Department of Veterans Affairs where she is nationally recognized for her service and advocacy to veterans, especially women Veterans. She is credited with facilitating the National Summit on Women Veterans (many times) and spearheading the Herstory campaign where women Veterans shared their experience.

She is a 2009 graduate of the Federal Executive Institute and served as the National President of the Women Marines Association from 2012-2018.

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“Once you’ve come up short, if you are ready to try again, you must gain a new strategy to get a different result.” ~ Dr. Betty Moseley Brown

Dr. Betty Moseley Brown is an absolutely dynamic speaker. Her OOH-RAH Marine Corps spirit comes through in every subject. Her fidelity and friendship are only matched by her enthusiasm and charisma. If you desire a captive audience, let Dr. Moseley Brown do the talking.” ~ Bob Borka, COO/HQMCL

Dr. Betty Moseley Brown’s Popular Speaking Topics

Develop a Growth Mindset

Encourage The Pursuit of Excellence

Intentional Transformation

Become Inspired to Live a Life of No Regrets

Dr. Betty Moseley Brown

“Be a mentor and give back. Leaders should adopt the attitude of grooming the next generation.” ~ Dr. Betty Moseley Brown

“From a facilitator’s perspective, Betty is always a joy to work with. I have collaborated with her for a few years now and have learned that she is a compassionate, enthusiastic and dedicated individual. It’s easy to tell that she puts her heart and soul into her work and I know she has a profound impact on anyone she speaks to.” ~Alison Seiler, MFRI @ Purdue University, Indiana

Where Dr. Betty MB Has Spoken

Federally Employed Women
Marine Corps
Purdue University
Military Women's Memorial
eWomen Network
Polka Dot Powerhouse

“Your keynotes are very inspirational….well thought through on what you want to convey, in other words your messages are clear… on one occasion it was so spot, on I thought you knew what I needed to. The messages are very much a daily devotional on words to live by.” ~Gregorio Kishketon, National Marine Corps League

“Attitude paves the way for you to Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. Your potential, and that of your team, is mirrored by your own attitude.”
~ Dr. Betty Moseley Brown