It is amazing the things I notice during spring.

While I am not a farm girl, I lived in the country and often smelled the lovely smell of farmers fertilizing their fields. Now, living near a ranch, I enjoy watching the cows…they seem to always be going somewhere. This week, I noticed their bright brown shiny coats. I marveled to a friend of mine about these brilliant brown coats and was schooled on the metamorphosis a cow’s coat or fur goes through. One more miracle that happens in front of us if only we open our eyes to see it.

Have you witnessed a changing of one’s coat, a new joy, or taken a bigger step? Remember, to pause and take it in. It only takes a moment…take a deep breath…in and out, or raise your hands to the sky, or kneel on your knees in prayer. Don’t let this miracle moment pass you by my friends.

Do this…with intention!