Have you ever experienced a time in your lives when you were stuck in the problem, or you had so many issues your spirit reached maximum capacity and you were just unable to move forward? I have. During these times, I’ve prayed for a breakthrough. For me, gospel music has always been able to give me that inspiration to pull me up by my boot strings. What happens is the light becomes brighter for a breakthrough and I can see a way forward (or strategize what the next steps should be).

During an interview, I became enlightened (to my surprise) with poetry. Have you heard of Amanda Gorman?

She’s a Harvard Graduate, and the youngest poet to read at a presidential inauguration in United States history with her poem “The Hill We Climb”.

She shared that she, too had a speech impediment and used the play Hamilton to practice her speech techniques. Similarly (except I was much younger in grade school), I spent a summer (in summer school) focused on slowing my speech to focus on my voice sounds. Without having been in that valley as a young girl, I may not be using this platform today and totally loving spoken words.

While walking, I took this picture with the sun breaking through the clouds. That was inspiration for sharing the focus today of Needing a Breakthrough. It may be by music, poetry, dance, creativity of drawing or building something…wherever your light may shine, find it and treasure it. Let that be your breakthrough during the times of need. Sometimes, your breakthrough is as easy as looking up.

Look up, dear friends…with Intention.