Hello again! I’m grateful you are on this journey with me for a few minutes of intentional inspiration and transformation.

Last week we discussed positively nourishing our body, mind and soul and being energized. Today, let’s explore how we nourish and energize others and allow others to nourish and energize us.

Have you ever been spoken down to, degraded or embarrassed? I know that I have. But as I reflect, while their words to me were hurtful, with meanness and bully intent, somehow their words gave me fuel and inwardly made me stronger. If that ever happens again, I’ve learned how to substitute negative words with energizing thoughts.

Instead of thinking 1. “I’m not good enough, I must step back” we should think “I am good enough…This is time to step up and grow” 2. “I’m no good and torn down”…we should think “I’m blessed and truly favored…it is time to be built up.” 3. “I’m only one and I can’t make a difference” we should think “I’m one of many and together, we share rise and be the difference”

I’ve stated: “Recognize your strengths and the strengths of others because it feeds the soul and heart for the giver and the receiver”.

Have you ever given something big or small to someone who didn’t ask and realized you were energized and fulfilled by the encounter? Last week I went through a drive-thru and noticed a beautifully adorned Jeep Wrangler in my rear-view window. I felt motivated to pay for their order (no matter the cost). I just had a feeling it was the right thing to do for us both. I let the cashier in the window know that I wanted to pay the bill for the vehicle behind me…he looked at his cash-register and looked at me…”that’ll be $it doesn’t matter the cost”. My soul was fed that was able to do something kind (in the moment) for someone else.

I sped away and purposely didn’t want to receive thanks…I’d already been given the gift of nourishment. Nourishment by helping someone else. I ducked down alleys, made a u-turn and felt I had safely been lost in traffic. As I pulled into my complex, I looked up and the beautifully adorned “red” Jeep Wrangler sat beside me beeping his horn with a “thumbs-up” motion of thanks…all I could do was return a thumbs-up of thanks!

1. Who is someone from your past that looked beyond your faults and nourished your soul? 2. How can you feed someone else (not asking for anything in return)? 3. How have you been energized and pushed forward towards success? I hope you will join me next week…with intention. Until we meet again.