I’ve long been a believer of the value of good thinking. Find a way to think, stretch and fly your thoughts. It is so important to find that “stillness” to map out your intentions. Thoughts become actions…so think wisely and make wise actions. It all works hand-in-hand.

There is no easy way to get to the finish line. I remember as a young girl, watching the Wizard of Oz, how Dorothy just clicked her heels and returned to her home; or how Samantha on Bewitched twitched her nose and moved items, disappeared in a blink or turned others into objects or animals. On I Dream of Jeannie, she blinked her eyes, and made reality change. Only in the TV universe, does it work with a click of your heels, a blink of an eye or a shake of one’s nose. For us humans, it takes hard work, dedication and sometimes a little magic for doors to open.

It has been a long year, my friends. I’m hopeful that if we can find our still place for valuable thinking, we can map out our way forward for the best, most productive and happiest rest of 2021!

Do this with intention!