Like many of you, I sometimes struggle and have to find joy, happiness and opportunities to spread love (even in these days of limited personal contact). I thought of this during my recent interview with Tonya Fitzpatrick, Founding Publisher of World Footprints. Her podcast interviews are generally about travel, and whether you’ve traveled recently or not for some time, we all have traveling stories. I hope you enjoy my interview with her. I had fun walking down memory lane and discussing why I joined the Marines and what those 14 years taught me. It was therapeutic to reflect on the past.

Speaking of walking, I’ve discovered walking during this pandemic – walking for peace of mind, calmness and exercise. It is absolutely beautiful in the Texas Hill Country.

One day, as I was walking and listening to gospel music, I looked up and saw this large, beautiful oak tree. As I raised my phone to capture the picture, I noted the street signs – Oak Park Drive and Legacy Oak Lane. This caused me to pause because my grandfather lived on Water Street, I was raised on Birch Street, Redwood Street and the house I entered the Marine Corps from was on Oak Street. As I walked on Legacy Oak Lane, I was grateful for all the steps I’ve taken. I hope you are also able to find your silver-lining. Every day that we wake-up is another opportunity to get things right.

Seize your days…with intention!